NOTE: You need admin privileges to run Ostinato

  1. At startup note that the main workspace is divided into 3 main sections - the ports list, streams list and statistics window -
  2. You should see a port group entry for "" in the ports list with a "green" (connected) status
  3. Expand the port group and you should see all the ports on your local system (if you don't see any ports, check FAQ - Port group has no interfaces)
  4. Select a port in the ports list
  5. In the Stream List pane, right click and create a new stream
  6. Select the newly created stream and right click to edit it (or alternatively double-click on the stream icon to edit)
  7. In the just opened Stream Configuration Dialog, select the protocols, fill in the protocol fields, configure no of packets, burst parameters and rates. Click OK after you finish.
  8. Click the "Apply" Button in the Stream List pane (IMPORTANT)
  9. In the Statistics window, select the same port (select the whole column by clicking on the port heading) for which you configured the stream (IMPORTANT)
  10. Click the "Start Transmit" button

Click on the below screenshot to watch a video showing the above steps - Ostinato Screencast

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