Quickstart Tutorial

How to craft and send 10 UDP packets

  1. At startup notice that the main workspace is divided into 3 main sections - the ports list, streams list and statistics window -
  2. You should see a port group entry for "" in the ports list with a green Green status
  3. Double click the port group to expand it and you will see all the ports on your local system (if you don't see any ports, check FAQ - Port group has no interfaces)
  4. Select the port in the ports list on which you want to send packets
  5. In the Stream List pane, right click and create a new stream
  6. Click the newly created stream to select it and then right click to edit it
  7. This will open the Stream Configuration Dialog. This dialog is packed with a lot of options, but don't worry all you need to do for now is -
    • On the "Protocol Selection" tab, select the protocols Mac - Ethernet II - IPv4 - UDP
    • On the "Protocol Data" tab, go to the Internet Protocol ver 4 (IPv4) section and enter source IP as and destination IP as
    • On the "Stream Control" tab, configure no. of packets as 10
    • On the "Packet View" tab, you can preview how your packets will look
    • Click OK
  8. Click the "Apply" Button in the Stream List pane (Do not skip this step, otherwise no packets will be sent!)
  9. In the Statistics window, select the same port for which you configured the stream (Click the port's column heading to select the full column, otherwise no packets will be sent)
  10. Click the Start Transmit button
  11. Watch the Frames Sent stats increase for that port

See these steps in action -

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