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Save and Restore a Session

Starting version 0.8, you can save the entire session from the GUI to a file. A session includes all the currently connected port groups, all the ports within each portgroup, all the streams and device groups within each port. However, if one or more ports (in any port group) is reserved, only ports reserved by the current user will be saved. To save a session, goto File | Save Session.

A saved session file can be opened to restore the session. The GUI will add all the port groups saved in the session file, connect to each port group, restore the saved ports and their streams and device groups from the file. This will overwrite any previous configuration on that port. However, if a port is currently reserved by another user, it will not be overwitten with the new configuration from the file. A port not saved in the file will also retain its configuration as before opening the session file. To restore a session, goto File | Open Session.

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