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Test Topology

Test topology depends on what you want to test. The models and example topologies on this page will help you create your own test topology.

Device Under Test

If you want to test the functionality or performance of a single device - the device under test, you can connect Ostinato (the traffic generator) to the DUT as follows -

 +------- [D1] DUT [D2] -------+
 |                             |
 |                             |
 +---  [TG1] Ostinato [TG2] ---+

where D1, D2 are ports on the DUT and TG1, TG2 are Ostinato ports.

Of course, you can also have more DUT and TG ports connected, if required.

Testing a WAN circuit

If you want to test a WAN circuit across two geographically separated locations, you can connect Ostinato ports as follows -

   EP-1 [WAN] ---- (circuit) ---- [WAN] EP-2
  [LAN]                                 [LAN]
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
  [TG1]                                 [TG2]
 Drone-1                               Drone-2
 [Mgmt1]                               [Mgmt2]
     :                                    :
      ............. Ostinato .............

where EP-1 and EP-2 are the end points of the circuit (under test) connected via WAN ports. Since the circuit end points are in different locations, you can run an Ostinato Drone agent at each location and connect them to each endpoint as shown above.

You can run the Ostinato GUI controller at either of the locations or a third location and connect to the Ostinato Drone agents via a (prerably out-of-band) management network. The Ostinato GUI controller can configure and control both the Drone agents.

Learn about Ostinato agents and controller.

Network Under Test

If you want to test a network comprising of multiple devices, you can run as many Drone agents, as required, to connect to one or more edge nodes (EN) of your network under test (NUT). You can then use a Ostinato GUI controller to connect to all the Drone agents and configure/control them.

             /                        \
            /                          \
           +                            +
           |     Network Under Test     |
    +----EN-1           (NUT)         EN-4----+
    |      +                            +     |
    |       \                          /      |
    |        \                        /       |
    |         +---EN-2--------EN-3---+        |
  [TG1]             |           |             |
 Drone-1            |           |             |
 [Mgmt1]            |           |             |
    :             [TG2]       [TG3]           |
    :            Drone-2     Drone-3[TG4]-----+
    :            [Mgmt2]     [Mgmt3]
     :              :           :
      :             :          :
       ........ Ostinato ......

You can reserve ports and restrict the GUI to view only reserved ports for easier management.

IP address assignment

For the traffic generator (TG) ports on Ostinato Drone agents, Ostinato can reuse the Host OS assigned IP address to the port. Alternatively, you can create one or more emulated devices ports on each Drone port and assign VLANs and IPv4/IPv6 addresses directly using the Ostinato GUI. See Device Emulation for more information.

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