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Quickstart: How to craft and send 10 UDP packets

  1. Select the port in the port list from which you want to transmit packets (don't see any ports? check FAQ - Port group has no interfaces)
  2. In the Stream List pane, right click to create a new stream
  3. This will open the Add Stream Dialog. This dialog is packed with a lot of options, but for now all you need to do is -
    • On the "Protocol Selection" tab, select the protocols Mac - Ethernet II - IPv4 - UDP
    • On the "Protocol Data" tab, go to the Internet Protocol ver 4 (IPv4) section and enter source IP (IP assigned to the port you selected in step 1) and destination IP
    • On the "Packet View" tab, you can preview how your packets will look
    • Click OK
  4. Click the "Apply" button above the Stream List
  5. Click the Start Transmit button in the Stream List window
  6. Watch the Transmit icon come on and Frames Sent stats increase for that port in the Statistics Window

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